Fields of application

  • Sensitive, dry, and rough skin
  • Irritated skin
  • Acne
  • Loss of skin elasticity and strength
  • Wrinkles caused by ultraviolet radiation
  • Sunburn category no.1
  • Fine lines and creases
  • Oily, dehydrated and sensitive skin
  • Chronically sensitive and stressed skin
  • After plastic surgery


The best results are achieved when you apply aloCell Gel® in the morning and in the evening onto the cleansed skin. Beneath the gel you may use your usual day or night skin care cream.

With sunburns and for the accompanying care following radiation therapy:

First the skin is cleaned with camomile or lukewarm water, then aloCell Gel® is applied several times a day. In this case do not use any additional scented skin cream or similar products.

Note: aloCell Gel® is not intended as a cure for skin diseases or other medical conditions, but may help correct visible problems associated with these conditions. Dermatologist tested. For external use only. aloCell Gel® does not contain parabens, fragrance, dyes or colorants.
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aloCell Gel®
Professional Skin Care
Immediately alleviates irritations
Restores skin elasticity
Lessens creases and wrinkles
Reduces the size of the pores
Serves as a cell renewal agent
Protection against free radicals
regenerative effect after sunburns
For every skin type

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