Properties of aloCell Gel®

aloCell Gel® was originally developed in 2000 by Christine M. Gimmelsberger (skintherapist) and her husband, Franz Gimmelsberger MD (specialist medical doctor) as a treatment following radiation therapy. Subsequently this patented formula with it's scientifically tested ingredients has been successfully applied to many other skin problems.
  • Immediately alleviates irritation, itchiness, reddening and unpleasant tenseness of the skin.
  • Restores skin elasticity, strengthens and protects skin against premature aging.
  • Lessens creases and wrinkles.
  • Reduces the size of the pores, keeps the moisture content of the skin intact and strengthens the tissue.
  • Serves as a cell renewal agent, provides a very effective regenerative effect.
  • Cell turnover is accelerated by 31 per cent.
  • Serves as a protection against free radicals.
  • Has a positive effect on scar tissue – reducing and preventing the formation of keloid.
  • Suitable for daily intensive care of every skin type

For sunburns

Stimulates cell growth – in order to counteract premature skin aging caused by solar radiation. Ultraviolet rays permeate the connective tissue, thus changing the structure of the skin and causing damage to the connective tissue.

aloCell Gel® is immediately absorbed, permeates the skin right to the connective tissue where it starts its regenerative effect and immediately reduces irritation and reddening.

It results in a rapid improvement of the state of the skin after having been exposed to solar radiation.

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aloCell Gel®
Professional Skin Care
Immediately alleviates irritations
Restores skin elasticity
Lessens creases and wrinkles
Reduces the size of the pores
Serves as a cell renewal agent
Protection against free radicals
regenerative effect after sunburns
For every skin type

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