aloCell Gel® - a new definition of professional skin care.

Originally, aloCell Gel® was developed for protective skin care after radiation therapy. Meanwhile, aloCell Gel® is also being used for diverse applications from skin regeneration to skin care. This is the reason why our premium product is not only much in demand in the medical field, but also enjoys great popularity in cosmetics.

Best ingredients made in Austria emphasize the uniqueness and exclusiveness of aloCell Gel®.

The following pages will present you with an extensive overview of our patented and trademark protected special gel. We wish you much joy in leafing through this brochure. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
aloCell Gel® - a new definition of professional skin care!
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aloCell Gel®
Professional Skin Care
Immediately alleviates irritations
Restores skin elasticity
Lessens creases and wrinkles
Reduces the size of the pores
Serves as a cell renewal agent
Protection against free radicals
regenerative effect after sunburns
For every skin type

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