Head Office and exclusive distributor of aloCell Gel in Europe:
Gimmelsberger & Partner
Am Flachhard 17
Austria - 2500 Baden
E-Mail: office@alocellgel.com
Tel: +43 (0) 2252 - 820078
Website/Onlinestore: www.alocellgel.com

Exclusive distributor of aloCell Gel in North America:
aloCELL GEL North Amerika, LLC.
1403 Belford Court
Evergreen, CO 80439
Tel: 303.284.4522
E-Mail: andrea@alocellgel.com

USA: Retail, Online Stores, Spa locations for consumers.
Blue Turtle Spa (San Francisco)
E-Mail: info@blueturtlespa.com
Tel: 415.699.8494
Website: http://shop.blueturtlespa.com

Katherine Maxwell Skin Care (Fresno)

E-Mail: kathmax13@gmail.com
Tel: 559.273.4613
Website: http://www.katherinemaxwellskincare.com

ME WIST Skin Deep Beauty & Beyond (San Jose)
E-Mail: liz@mewist.com
Tel: 408.287.8494
Website: http://www.mewist.com

Joanna Nykiel Estetica Group (Palos Hills)
E-Mail: esteticagroup@comcast.net
Tel: 708.267.9410
World Head Office:
Gimmelsberger & Partner
Am Flachhard 17
A - 2500 Baden
E-Mail: office@alocellgel.com
Tel.: +43 (0) 2252 - 820078
aloCell Gel®
Professional Skin Care
Immediately alleviates irritations
Restores skin elasticity
Lessens creases and wrinkles
Reduces the size of the pores
Serves as a cell renewal agent
Protection against free radicals
regenerative effect after sunburns
For every skin type

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