»I have a new story to share with you. Of course, it does sound like many other users of aloCell Gel! I think you know that my Uncle just went though lung cancer and used aloCell Gel though the radiation process and loved it. My aunt continues to promote the product in her area and recently came across a woman suffering from severe radiation burns while being treated for rectal cancer.

She had tried everything - she happens to own a high end bath beauty store - so she had a variety of products at her disposal to try - nothing worked. Accidentally, through friend of my aunt´s ACG was suggested. So, my aunt gave her friend a few samples to pass on ( she didn´t want to give all that she had left to her because she didn´t want to be without herself).

This lady knew the moment she put it on that it was going to work. She immediately called my aunt to get more and in a matter of two days her skin is completely different and so is she! They had stopped her radiation because the burns were so severe so she was quite desperate and in quite a bad way when she got the product. She then contacted me and would love to sell it in her store and is going to share her experience with her radiologist.

So another happy customer!
Kim Q.

»I wanted to write to you and tell you about my experience and healing process after having major facial surgery on Tuesday, August 28, 2007. It was important for me to heal quickly, since I have a very high profit position in the company I work for. I am the Assistant Director of Client Services for an international consulting firm, and I have many duties which require face to face meetings not only with clients, but with the public as well.

When I had surgery, I had several procedures done at one time; unfortunately, during surgery I suffered a hematoma which caused severe swelling and bruising. I was in the hospital for 4 ½ days, until Friday evening, August 31, as opposed to the overnight stay that was expected.

I followed the doctor’s orders and was taking bromelein and vitamin C before the procedures. When you gave me the jar of AloCellGel to try, on Sunday September 2, I had been out of the hospital for 3 days, and the bruising and swelling was still quite serious. I started using AloCellGel twice a day per your instructions. Within 5 days from the start of using AloCellGel, the swelling and bruising had gone down dramatically.

I was very happy with the results and was anxious to show my doctor how much healing had taken place. I went in for my appointment on Monday, September 10 and my doctor was very impressed with the dramatic reduction of the bruises and swelling. He was quite impressed and asked me what I did to achieve these results. I told him I was using AloCellGel. He could not believe how rapidly the bruising had dissipated, and how much the swelling had gone down. It was approximately an 80% percent reduction in swelling and almost 100% of the bruising was gone! This was 13 days after the surgery on August 28th. He said I healed at twice the normal pace of his other patients who had the same procedures done. He asked me to have you call his office and for you to set up a meeting with him and a few of his staff. He is interested in learning more about this product.

I am convinced that the use of AloCellGel was responsible for the speedy healing and return to normal after surgery.
Gale F.

»During my last holiday on the Maldives I discovered a new effect of using ALOCELL-GEL. I use ALOCELL-GEL daily, before applying moisturizer. I did the same on the Maldives before putting on suntan cream. Apparently, I must have applied ALOCELL-GEL rather carelessly (Ideliberately applied the suntan cream carefully) because when I went back to my room after some hours I had a red stripe on one side of my face up to my hairline - the rest of my face was lightly tanned and free of irritation. The tautness around the area of irritated skin claered up after using ALOCELL-GEL, I applied it especially before sunbathing. I thought I should pass on this information to you - as it is in the interest of all the many people with delicate skin - and those sensitive to the sun, to know there is a way of protecting their skin. Best regards ...,«
Mag. Marina J. / Wien, Österreich

»Since the middle of the year 2000 I have been using this gel on patients diagnosed with radiaton dermatitis following operations for breast cancer with subsequent radiotherapy. Nearly every patient spoke subjectively of very good tolerance of the gel, of a pleasently cooling effect and of reduction of reddening. Objectively too, there was a regression of inflammation as well as improved healing of the skin once, following a skin transplant. All in all it can be said that the effect (of this gel) is very good and that it can continue to be used for skin alterations in the area of radiation dermatitis.«
Dr. Anna S. / Bad Schallerbach, Österreich

»I recently had the opportunity to test out AloCell a new product developed in Europe. As a professional in the skin care industry and a skin care formulator I am not easily impressed by the flood of skin care products that hit the market on a daily basis. I am quite versed in what is simply “marketing hype” and a truly effective product.

My own skin is highly sensitive and I have a special expertise in working with women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments – also owners of very sensitive skin.

On separate occasions I have had the opportunity to test this product after performing more aggressive skin care treatments on myself and was very pleased with the rapid calming, deep hydration, and fast recovery time.

I am now using the product on a daily basis because I have found that it keeps my skin calm throughout the day in addition to feeling “comfortable” due to the deep, weightless and continuous hydration.

As a professional skin therapist this is a product I am now recommending to my clients who have sensitive skin, have experienced sunburn (which it quickly calms), who are having strong exfoliating treatments and clients with oily skin who need hydration without oil.

I can’t wait to see how many new applications I can discover since it is effective on all skin types, all ages and a myriad of skin conditions.

Thank you for bringing this into the marketplace!
C.M. / Santa Babara, USA

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